Perhaps, nothing is more important for human civilization than carbon negative reindustrialization at scale. It can be centralized, decentralized and distributed, but needs to be done to avoid mass destruction due to climate crisis. Carbon dioxide needs to be reduced in atmosphere and water and made into feedstock.

Now, there’s maker culture. Developing hardware is far complex than software dev. Once a software consulting owner was bragging about turbofan CFD, but that not worked as intended in hardware.

Barriers to making hardware as you cannot independently produce whole supply chain. Actual making culture is limited to pottery, woodworking, gardening, some ceramics, masonry as you can’t make Arduino or Raspberry from scratch. Maker culture should not imply to mean developing software after buying electronic kits!

Plastic filament 3dp is limited but ceramic 3dp has potential. Would like to see portable tools for cold sintering combined. Have high hopes from bio based manufacturing as adjacent possible for carbon negative reindustrialization.